Massage therapy for pain relief.


What we offer:

CC Rehabilitative Massage Therapy offers two sessions only: Clinical and Prenatal.

Every session is custom tailored using a combination of the following modalities:

Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Relaxation Release, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, and Active Release Therapies.

Pregnancy Massage

$45 per 30 Minutes 30-120 Minutes
Traditionally performed in a side-laying position. This massage modality is highly customizable, whether you’re seeking relaxation or relief from pain & tension. Pregnancy massages are best received after the 13th week of pregnancy due to the high miscarriage risk that is present during the early stages.

Clinical Massage

$45 per 30 Minutes 30-120 Minutes
A goal-based massage session aimed at relieving acute or chronic pain. Each session will be customized to your needs (i.e. specific or full body, pressure adjustment, etc.). During a discussion of the client’s history, the therapist will perform a thoughtful inquiry to learn about specific needs and to identify the root cause of your pain.

The therapist:

Since graduating in 2012, Claire’s goal is to prevent and relieve acute and chronic pain. Each session is customized to fit individual needs-helping to promote pain relief, mental relaxation, and energy flow. Claire’s massage techniques have been carefully molded over the years into what her client’s call the “The Claire Experience”. Her background working alongside different health professionals, such as: Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Yoga Therapists, Personal Trainers, and other Massage Therapists, has given her an understanding of how different aches and pains can manifest in the body- as well as multiple ways to approach them.

Why you should choose me...

  • Treatment Based: At the end of your first session I outline areas I think need more work and create a treatment plan based off of that.

  • Safe Space: Body-positive, non-judgemental space for all to enjoy a healing experience.

  • Goal Driven: My massage cup of tea is having an issue to address. I’m not one to ignore a problematic area.

  • Informative: I am a huge nerd when it comes to human anatomy, how the body moves, and what leads to injury, and I love sharing that information with my clients. If you have a question please ask!

  • Quiet : I leave the conversation up to the client. If you remain silent then so do I.

  • Cleanliness: Everything is disinfected, fresh sheets and blankets, clean hands and we're good to go!

Interested? Inquiries? Reach out!

Location: 23650 Woodward Ave, Pleasant Ridge 48069
Phone: 586-839-7496

Please reach out for any questions related to my services or potential event questions. I'm happy to listen to any concerns and provide honest guidance.